Welcome to Kosher Japan Kitchen

The first and only kosher restaurant in Japan.
With G-d’s help, Chabad House of Japan established Kosher Delica, in April 2005. It has since developed, in serving all the kosher food needs of the Jewish community in Japan. All foods are under the strict rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Binyomin Y. Edery. Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to be of help.

We deliver to hotels, business offices, restaurants. We do catering for special events. We accommodate special requests, low salt, no sugar etc.

03-3772-7707  or 090-3683-7707
From out of Japan 212-561-5969


There will be an additional charge for delivery, depending on time of day and distance from Tokyo.
Sometimes we must use an express motorcycle courier. This will be between 4,820 – 13,000 Yen. To know
the exact delivery fee, email us with the exact address and we will reply with the exact cost.

Food Freshness

The food is fresh from the kitchen, but due to time required in delivery, it may not be hot by the time
the courier delivers to you. The food is all prepared without preservatives. Please eat on the same day of the
delivery. Side dishes vary from the pictures above, depending on availability.

Evening Deliveries

We can only guarantee the exact time of delivery of evening orders.
Orders for evening delivery will be delivered between 5pm and 8pm.